Misinformation is killing us

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I received an email last night from a publisher
who had really good intentions. He was passing
on mainstream information that everyone has
come to believe. And It’s Dangerous.

The article attempted to convince people
to eat soy burgers instead of hamburgers. I’ve
asked him to retract the article and we’ll see
what happens.

Now, if you’ve read this blog, you know that
the World Heatlh Organization has issued a
health warning about our over-consumption of
female hormones – and one source of the overload
is soy.

And, there is an increase in health problems due
to vitamin deficiences. Like it or not, our body
is designed to need meat. Sorry, we’re human.

But getting people to let go of long held beliefs
is tough.

It is your job to take care of your body. When you
see information – be sure to check it out. Don’t
just accept it. It may kill you.

Take Care of Yourself!


.a.k.a. – ‘Mother’

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