Miraculous Change!

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Oh my gosh!

My dear friend of 35 years has come to visit – and it’s nothing
I expected. Talk about being blown away.

You see, my friend has been very overweight for most of those
years. And sick because of it. And you know that I nagged and
nagged and nagged and suggested – to no avail. She would not
change the way she ate.

To top it off, the kids had real disciplinary problems.

I was expecting the usual – total chaos, the house a mess,
massive piles of junk food…

You know me, I went out and stocked up on watermelon, pineapple,
broccoli, lettuce, greenbeans, chicken…

Wasn’t I surprised when she said “oh, we love all that stuff.”
I was like – “huh?”

They ate the teriyaki chicken, green beans, and pineapple. The
3 year old asked for salad. She ate that and wanted more. I
about fell over.

And chaos? Nope. None. Totally calm. The kids got tired and went
to sleep. No threatening, tantrums, and all that other stuff.
Oh sure, they had some kid moments – one is 3, and the other is
one – but nothing like it used to be.

What happened?

Turns out that my friend had a series of 13 mini strokes. She
didn’t tell me about that. But it was a wake up call. Since that
time, she’s been steadily able to decrease her meds, including
insulin, by managing her diet. And she’s steadily losing weight.

And they’ve gotten out from in front of the TV and they’re living
life. I hear rumors that she even keeps her house clean now. (she’ll
never read this blog, so I’m safe…I think)

It’s more proof that taking care of your diet can really change your life.

It will help you –
Heal your body,
Prevent disease,
Improve your child’s behavior,
Improve your child’s learning,
Give you all more energy,
Decrease your prescription costs,
Help you think more clearly,
Help you stay cool, calm and collected,

In other words, it will give you your life back.

Don’t wait until a serious illness forces you to make the change.
My friend has been very lucky so far. With all the illnesses
she’s had, she very well could be dead now. And it was that fear
that prompted me to start researching healthy eating. And now I’m
a real pain in the butt, I preach it to everyone.

She claims it’s hereditary. What’s hereditary are your eating habits.
She’s proved it herself, yet still hangs on to old beliefs. If it were
true that it’s hereditary, then there would nothing you could do. But
she’s proved that you can change it.

And this is a great time of year to start the change. There are so
many great healthy foods available now. Plus, you want to look great
and have lots of energy to enjoy this great summer, don’t you?

If you want a ton of information on how to change your diet, what foods
will help you heal, give you more energy, and prevent disease, or how
to eat to lose weight, and tons of recipes to get you started – grab a
copy of “High Energy Eating”

Time for me to hit the sack too! See you soon –


a.k.a. – ‘Mother’