Might as well spring clean…


It seems that most of the country is stuck in colder than normal temperatures and wave after wave of rain or snow. We might as well get some spring cleaning done!

First, let me point out that Spring Cleaning is time to do the stuff that you don’t do on a regular basis.

Dust walls and ceilings. Seriously, walls and ceilings get dusty too. Use a plain old dust mop or vacuum with brush attachment.

Hey, at least we don’t smoke in the house or fry all our food anymore. Scrubbing walls used to be an annual event!

Clean light fixtures and ceiling fans. Make sure to off the globes or shades and dump out the dead bugs and wash.

Wash window treatments. If you partially dry them and hang right away, any wrinkles should hang out. 

Deep clean shelves and tables. This is a good time to polish or oil your wood pieces. Let them dry completely before putting things back on them. In the meantime, wipe down books and clean nick-knacks.

Clean pictures. Wipe down frames, clean glass, dust off pictures that don’t have a glass cover.

Clean doors and door frames. You’d be surprised how dirty these get! Especially the frame above the door.

Vacuum upholstery and mattresses. Also vacuum under and behind furniture.

It’s too early to wash bedding and throw rugs wash windows, or treat floors. Wait until the weather finally turns and mud season is over.

Besides, that’s more than enough for now, isn’t it? Do a little at a time.

Want my entire housecleaning system?


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