Michael Jackson Lies! (Wild Video…)

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[ Editor’s Note:  Fitness author Jon Benson shared this intersesting letter with me and gave me permission to share it with you. ]

Lies and more lies.

I’m sad to see the media jumping on the dangerous bandwagon they have chosen to hitch their star to.

And the star that is suffering the most is not Michael Jackson:

It’s you.

Let me explain.

When a celebrity passes away the world takes notice.

And the world of the media often grabs ahold of whatever they can to keep the buzz alive.

Early this week they grabbed something they shouldn’t have…

… and I responded.

I created what I feel is my best video yet to tell you all about it.

Go watch this —

Michael Jackson Lies >>>

The media pulled in some “expert” to suggest that Michael Jackson’s untimely death may have been due to…

… ready?

“Working out too much at middle-age.”

Oh, brother.

Watch my video and see the other lies as well…

… plus the truth.

Not from me… from the scientific community and from real facts.

Here’s a hint:

Working out “more” intense, but “shorter” can save you from a heart attack when you’re over 40.

And no matter your age it can take the stubborn bodyfat off.

Go see the truth:

Michael Jackson Lies >>>

Oh, by the way…

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