Merry Christmas Flu

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I hope you are having a great Christmas!

Our dinner is down to 4 people. A really nasty flu has been going around since the graduation party last weekend and wiped out half the family. They had their flu shots.

But, we baked our cookies and took a ham dinner over for my other sister who is laid up after having knee surgery. It was yummy.

They’ve been having problems with their dog getting into the garbage. They have just a plastic can, and they had taken the lid off because it was too much of a bother. I got them a more solid can with a motion detected lid. You wave your hand over the lid and it opens. Very cool. They loved it. Hopefully it solves their problem!

We got nice soft, warm robes. Emma already has hers on. I’ll be following soon.

I have a 24 lb. turkey for 4 people. I have to cook it. We’ll eat another great dinner, and pack some away in the freezer for later. It will still be a nice day. Its too bad that so many of us are down for the count. We’llĀ  have to try again maybe next month.

Any way, I just wanted to drop you a note and wish you a Very Merry Christmas with all the trimmings. Have a wonderful day!


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