Medical Myths Really True?

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I had to pass this one on to you.

In this article, they found that fat people, especially women – are jollier. Not in my experience, but hey, there’s a study…

Cashews can heal an absessed tooth. OK, I’ll have to test this one for myself. I know cranberries can, I’ve used that one myself! Cloves work too. So does a rinse of baking soda dissolved in a bit of water. But Cashews?

People with dogs are more likely to get breast cancer. Huh?

You can read the article here –

You know – when I was writing¬† High Energy Eating – I wanted to make sure the info was credible. I always looked for more than one report with the same results, and in a lot of cases, even tried things myself. There’s a lot of ridiculous stuff out there.

I think we can pretty well bet that there won’t be another study reporting these same findings. What do you think?