Manic Monday

It wasn’t supposed to be April Fools day until Tuesday…

You know I blew up the site last Friday. So Monday I set out to fix things.
Turns out that WordPress released a new version over the weekend. The good
news was, it was before I had too much loaded, and since I had to start over
again anyway – it was good timing. And I’m one of the first to be using the
new version. Imagine that! That’s a first.

But, I’m a real dunce when it comes to tech stuff. I installed, and uninstalled,
and installed, and uninstalled – 4 times total – before I got it to work right.

I went mud skiing. Not by choice. The hill in my yard was really slippery and
the dog was running on down. Hey, I managed to stay on my feet! I’m getting
too old for this…

The dog was a real pain all day. When I went downstairs to check on my
sheets, I stepped on wet carpet. I thought it was the cat with the behavior
problems, but it was way too wet. It was the dog! What’s up with that?
He never does that.

I realize that I’m just about out of TP and kleenex, So I go to head out to the
store. The car is doing this shaking lurching thing. I juggle the gear shift and
it smoothes out. I pull out into the street and it dies.

I get out and try to push the car back into it’s spot. I got to a certain point, but
couldn’t get it over the hump. I had to go get help. Now picture this – I’m
over 50, and a size 4 – pushing my car. Good thing it’s a little car.

My neighbor helps me push it over the hump – and then it starts rolling. I had
to jump in the car to put on the break. Fun is being had by all…

I thought it was because I was low on gas and need a new fuel filter. So my
neighbor brings me some gas. I repeat the episode. Once wasn’t enough!
It dies in the street.

Turns out a spark plug wire was loose. Must be because of all the pot holes?

I take the gas can to go fill it back up for him. When I get out of the car –
the heavens let loose. It was pouring!

I never did make it to the store.

So – I decided that I would dust the bedroom before I put on the clean
sheets. I noticed some cob-webs, so I vaccumed them down and knocked
down the curtains. They fell behind the 4-poster bed.

In the end, I got the site up and working, the bedroom is clean, the car is
running, the dishes got done, The curtains got washed (heck, they were down
anyway) and so far I’ve allowed the dog to live. And when I got up Tuesday
morning – my body wasn’t as sore as I thought it would be.

Now, tell me why you’re not getting things done?

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  1. Diane Scott

    Was going to comment on your latest post, but couldn’t locate the comment link… I love the look of your blog – and that’s my favorite dog in the whole world!

    And, thank you very much for visiting our blog and taking the time to comment 🙂

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