Making Minutes Count

The Passage of Time

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I’m finding that its really hard to work 50+ hours a week, make dinner, do the dishes, keep the house clean, keep Rebel With a Fork filled with new stuff, blog, write a new ebook, and get enough sleep. Imagine that!

And if they ever get around to fixing my house and putting in the new windows, I’ll have to repaint the entire inside.

Now, something has to take a backseat for a while, and its been the ebook.

But the goal is still to have it done by September 1.

How will I do that?

One paragraph at a time.

Just like I teach at, small daily actions get the job done.

If I write just one or two paragraphs a day, I’ll get it done. If I have time to write a whole chapter, I’ll get it done faster, but since I can’t count on that, I just keep plugging away.

Whether its keeping the house clean, eating healthier, losing weight, exercising, learning a new skill, or just finding time to relax – take it in small chunks.

If you try waiting until you have a couple of hours available, well… when does that happen? But 10 minutes a day adds up to an hour a week.

Anyone can find 10 minutes a day. I’ll bet you can find a few 10 minutes a day.

  • 10 minutes to make and eat a salad.
  • 10 minutes to clean the kitchen.
  • 10 minutes to take a walk.
  • 10 minutes to read something to help you reach your goals.

How much impact would those little things have on your life?

Don’t waste your minutes waiting for hours to show up. Create hours worth of results – minutes at a time.

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5 thoughts on “Making Minutes Count

  1. Debbie Jackson

    Great message today! I have been in this same boat for many years. I have been waiting for “the hours” to show up a lot lately and not accomplishing my goals of getting my house back in order again. It just started one day with me saying “I will do that tomorrow” and never getting around to it until much too late. With your inspiration, today I will take it 10 minutes at a time.
    Thank you!!!

  2. Addie

    50 hrs week is really difficult to handle even if it is a freelancing job. You wld always catch up with your time. There are times when you w ant to rest but you cannot because you need to get everything done..becuase you want to wirk 50 hrs/week.But having 10 mins to have your favorite salad is a MUST….
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  3. Angela Del Valle

    WOW!50 hours a week i can manage that in fact i have 60 hours a week,what i do is work at night and sleep in the morning i choose to work at night because i get more idea and i am sure the readers like to follow on my post.
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  4. Jasson

    Honestly now i am very excited counting the days i finally see my long lost sister it’s been 10 years we not see each other now i am very much counting a minute hopefully days done fast so the big day will come.
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