Make Your Own Solar Panels

I was surfing around looking for some ways to make some extra money when I stumbled upon this site that has step-by-step plans for making your own solar panels and windmills. It says that you can build one of these portable panels for less than $200, and you can run all of your appliances off of it. That’s weird and interesting. Saving money on your utility bills is always a good thing. My neighbor and I have discussed the possibilty of putting up a windmill between us since the Chipolte Grill opened up locally. They use a windmill to power the restaurant.

I got to thinking that someone who is handy could probably make some cash building this stuff for people. It’s supposed to be the next big thing since money is tight and utilities have gone up so much – and we want to be concerned about the earth and resources too, right?

This could be a lucrative career for the right person.

Save money, make money. If you’re a little handy, and you have someplace where you can work on this stuff – it could be a good idea, you think?

Anyway – here’s the site for building your own solar panels and windmills >>>

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