Make Mom Happy for Mothers Day


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What every Mother wants –

A house that stays clean

A sink without dirty dishes


No fighting

For you to get up and do it for yourself

Kind words


For someone to know what she would really want.

Many times, people will buy gifts because they’re popular. Does your mom have any use for these, or even want them? Many times not.

Oh sure, we appreciate the thought, but if you really knew your mother, you would know what makes her happiest.

Would your mother be happier with a bunch of flowers in a vase, or a tomato plant? I would take the tomato plant.

Some mothers would love a day at the spa. Others think its a ridiculous waste of money.

Some mothers actually like to cook, and would rather eat at home than fight the crowds at the restaurants. For many mothers, lovingly feeding their family is a source of joy. You do the dishes 😉

Some mothers don’t want to cook, but don’t want to deal with the crowds.

Some mothers relish being taken out.

Do you know what your Mom would really, really want?

Think about it.

To all Moms –

May your day be filled with what makes you happy

Happy Mothers Day!

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