Magical Infection Fighter

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Cranberry harvest in New Jersey. Español: Cose...

How are you today?

The other day, I had a sinus infection. You know, when
you blow your nose and pretty colors come out? I won’t
get any more descriptive than that, OK?

I knew I had been feeling a little feverish, but I
thought it was a little in my head because I’m worried
about a friend who has been recently diagnosed with
lung cancer. And Yes, I am one of the dinosaurs that
still smokes – but that’s a subject for another blog!

So, I loaded up on veggies and cranberry juice.
The next morning, all was clear. I’m telling you –
Cranberry juice is one of the most magical things
you could have in your fridge. It fights infection,
removes plaque from your teeth and arteries,
it’s a real wonder.

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How much more productive time would that give you?