Lost in Snow

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Snow & Ice darker than pavement

Snow & Ice darker than pavement (Photo credit: dcdailyphotos)

Do you remember the show Lost in Space? It was a long time ago. It was a stupid show about a family that ended up marooned on some planet. Anyway, this week left me feeling like I was Lost in Snow.

Oh my goodness – We got our entire season of snow in one week. I have spent so much time shoveling that I haven’t had time for anything else.

I’m a weirdo. You knew that already, right? Anyway – I like shoveling. I welcome the physical activity. But this is overkill. I have had enough shoveling and sledding for this year!  How about you?

My poor dog can’t get down the hill again, so he feels restricted. He even took off down the street today. He never does that. He doesn’t know that he is luckier than most dogs. His clear area is bigger than a lot of dogs have on a normal basis.

So, it was an unproductive week as far as everything else went. I had zero motivation once I sat down at the computer. I can’t even think this week.

I’ll be making a fresh start come Monday. Beating yourself up when things are out of your control is pointless. At least we ate well, thanks to the 4 dinner plan, and the house stayed pretty clean thanks to my house cleaning system.  We’re in pretty good shape.

I am really looking forward to a relaxing weekend.  How about you? I think we are even going to do a pizza and beer night.

Time change is next weekend already. Spring will be here soon. Hang in there!


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