Losing my quest to gain weight

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So, in my quest to gain a few pounds, we went to UNO’s tonight. A famous Chicago Pizzeria. We ordered the Chicago Classic which is a pan pizza loaded with cheese, sausage, and tomatoes. The crust has a buttery corn bread sort of flavor. My daughter said I should order a beer, but I felt that probably wasn’t a good idea.


We polished off all but one piece. My daughter wimped out. Then we topped it off by sharing Bananas Foster.


My stomach feels stretched to the limit. I have no energy, and can hardly even think. If I would have had a beer, I don’t think I could have stayed awake long enough to drive home.


This is not working.


Usually after we eat I have energy. This stinks. It tasted good going down, but the after effects are no fun. I can’t do this.


I guess body building is the next best option.


How about you? Are you ready to ditch your low energy diet?

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1 thought on “Losing my quest to gain weight

  1. Fiona

    I too have a problem in gaining weight Carole! People seem to find it strange that i am on a permanent mission to gain weight.
    I eat healthily, I live in a hot climate which can sometimes deaden the appetite, and I wake up early and get myself moving at home. I have managed to gain about 3 kilos this summer, which is good for me. How did I do that? I’m a teacher and during the school year, I’m up and down between four floors all day, and I think that I am less stressed, as If I am stressed, I am less inclined to reach for food. I stick to the black coffees, which I know isn’t too good for me. I’m teetotal.

    I am approximately five foot three, and weigh about 50kg. It bothers me when other people make comments, like “You’ve got four children and you are still so thin!”
    I’d feel happier if I could gain 10 kilos more.

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