Look for big economic shifts as people get healthier

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Hersheys Chocolate

McDonalds stock is down. So is Monsanto.

Panera announced that it will remove all artificial ingredients, including additives, artificial colors, flavors, sweeteners, preservatives, and high fructose corn syrup. 

Chipolte announced that it will remove GMOs.

Pepsi is the first to announce removing aspartame.

Kraft is removing artificial colorings from it’s MacN Cheese, (which is not difficult since that is the way they are forced to sell it in Europe.)

Hersheys is removing high fructose corn syrup from candy.

Tyson is removing human antibiotics from it’s chicken.

Subway is removing yoga mat chemical from it’s bread.

There is a big shift taking place.

What will this mean to the economy? 

Well, the next changes could be pharmacueticals and weight loss industries will also lose market share as people get thinner and healthier. Can’t feel sorry for companies that get rich by feeding on your health now can you?

Wouldn’t that be bad?

The money being spent doesn’t go away. It just changes.

More is being spent on gardening.

More is being spent on organics.

I think you will see surges in fitness and recreational products as people gain more energy. I think things like sporting equiment, workout clothing, boats, paddle boards, bikes, hiking equipment and things like that as people want to get out and have more fun. Now that people won’t be fat and sick anymore, they will have all that money to spend on other things.

There are 2 noteable start-up companies in activewear doing very well – American Giant (softer, better fitting casual wear) and BetaBrand (yoga comfort office wear.)

Don’t you think that is a beautiful thing? Finally change we can feel good about!

If you haven’t made the shift to real food yet, check this out for help >>>
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