Living Past 100


We had another local resident hit the 100-year mark recently. The article said that he was once mistaken for Capone’s brother. He attributes his longevity to eating freshly caught lake fish, blue gills, crappie, and bass. They’ve always had a vegetable garden.


The man says he’s never had a cavity. Can you believe that?


He also had life balance. He worked hard at his own business. He had the lake property for weekends – but they moved there full-time after retirement. He gardened. He fished. He instilled the love of family and lake life in his kids, grandkids, and great-grandkids.


Isn’t that what life should be about?


Not mansions, or BMWs, or all the trappings that just keep you enslaved. Do you really need all that garbage to be happy? John Vespa doesn’t. I don’t. How about you?


I mean really, look what the love of money and things has done to our world. Is it really necessary? Does that really make you happy?


Oh, I know, all the success people tell you to want more. Of course, then you have to buy their products to find out how to get more then, don’t you? Everyone is so caught up in all this wanting that no one has time to live life today.


And speaking of living life, I have a big idea.


Maybe it’s more like a wish. I’ll tell you about it tomorrow.


In the meantime, really think about what it is you desire – and how it’s affecting your life.


Anyone have a story to tell?


See you tomorrow!




P.S. I’ll bet you thought I was going to tell you to eat healthy, didn’t you?

Of course you have to eat healthy if you want to live past 100. Don’t be a silly goose.

4 thoughts on “Living Past 100

  1. Duane ford

    As a personal development expert, I agree with you. Too often people equate success to just a lot of money. Money IS good for what it can help you achieve. It gives you more power to do the things you really want to do and goes a long way to alleviate stress. If you have enough money that you don’t have to worry about whether you can afford something or not you’re a long way ahead of most people.

    Beyond that, the main thing in life is (should be) to be happy. All the money in the world is useless to you unless you enjoy your life and the biggest key to longevity (I think) is to have something to do every day that you look forward to. Most people die within a few years after retirement just because they no longer have a life filled with goals.


    P.S. Eating healthy is important too! 🙂

  2. Beth

    As someone who has gone through several years of serious health issues, I now realize how important health is. Through my ongoing journey of focusing on wellness, I have discovered true happiness comes from within- loving yourself unconditionally so that you can love others. Money is just paper or metal. It is not important in itself, but what can be done with it- pay for shelter,food,clothing,vacations,etc. Much more important is family.
    This 100 year-old man had it right.

    Other things that create joy for me are: helping others,both teaching and learning and mentoring, being in nature ,water-swimming,soaking,drinking it, boating on it,etc, smelling and seeing beautiful flowers of colors and shapes, doing “work” I love, my marriage,and there are so many more. Most of the best things in life for me are absolutely free or inexpensive.

    I am 50 years old, and although it would have been great to have learned these things at a much younger age and saved myself from stress and sickness, it was through these difficult experiences that I learned them, so I am grateful. My life these days is amazingly fulfilling to me. Am I past my health issues? No, yet I am dealing with them better due to my changes of attitudes, learning how to avoid and reduce stress, and planning what I want for my life and then taking action steps each day. I am seeing a difference in my health though little by little. I am able to control my pain levels and keep my anxiety down through meditation, and due to eating more fruits and vegetables and other healthier foods I am experiencing more energy, so my quality of life is improving dramatically.

    Whether I live to 100 or not, which I want to do, I am thrilled that the rest of my life will be on the right path. That feels fantastic!

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