Live Smarter

As women, we have a lot on our plate –

Most of us have to work, and then…

We have homes to take care of…

We have meals to plan, shop for and prepare…

Some us have husbands and/or kids,and/or  parents, and/or pets that require our care and attention…

Our phones are constantly pinging us – demanding our attention…

We’re in a constant state of overwhelm and stress

We can’t think straight

It depletes our energy.

It steals our soul.

We’re embarrassed about our homes…

We’re ashamed of our bodies…

We feel guilty about not being ‘enough’

We try to sooth ourselves with TV, shopping, Facebook, or food. That only makes everything worse.

Is there any hope?

Yes, there is. But its not the woo-woo feel good about yourself, everything is OK, wait for the universe to take care of things, thinking will make is so B.S. that everyone is eating up like laced cupcakes.


But its not working your butt off and never having any time for fun or relaxing either.

Its about the common sense systems, habits and rituals you set up in your life to deal with the day to day stuff so you have more peace, mental clarity, energy, and health to live a more fulfilling life.

As a single working mom, I would feel guilty if we were out having fun but the house was a mess and we were eating too many packaged and fast foods. And I would feel guilty if we weren’t out having fun because I was cooking and cleaning.

In my heart, I knew there must be a way to have it all.

It took me a few years, but I was finally able to pull it off.

I got my house cleaning done during the week so we had our weekends free for having fun.

I created fast fresh meals most nights. It got to the point where eating out was disappointing. If we were out, I would ask my daughter where she wanted to eat and she would ask what we had at home.

Home became a soothing sanctuary. The place where we escaped the world for a while. We could relax, de-stress and connect.

My heart treasures those times.

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