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You do know that we the people in the great U.S. are in a lot of trouble, right? If you don’t, you really need to look at what’s going on because what’s coming isn’t pretty. And as long as everyone just continues to stroll along acting like nothing’s happening and turning a blind eye – things will continue to get worse until there is no turning back.

We are lied to everyday by the government, the medical establishments, the food industry, the F.D.A., wall street, corporate head honchos, and anyone else who stands to make big bucks off of you.

Here are some facts –

The number of people over 50 who cannot find suitable employment is quietly growing.

The cost of running your home – electric and gas – has risen astronomically.

The price of gasoline has tripled. (yet people continue to run gas guzzling S.U.V.s and Mercedes)

Water levels are rising. Even though it certainly doesn’t feel any warmer where I live, I have to admit that the lake is higher. Shorelines are eroding all over the world.

The perceived safe packaged foods on the store shelves have caused skyrocketing increases in disease.

The nutritional value of foods has been diminished due to over-farming and dangerous chemical pesticides, and hormones.

The F.D.A. and medical establishments continually slander the effectiveness of natural alternatives to prescription drugs – preferring to keep people dependant on costly medications to maintain a health problem rather than cure it.

The deflated interest rates have caused more spending and less saving – leaving nothing for people to fall back on. No one is terribly excited to save when you can only earn 2 or 3% on your money. Better to spend it, right?

We’ve outsourced jobs to other countries where people are willing to work for far less money – leaving fewer jobs here at home.

While outsourcing has allowed big corporations to make more money – it will now become a problem to pay for it with the decreased value of the dollar. Plus, as many of the countries become consumer countries, the workers demand more wages, in turn, increasing the cost of goods and services that used to be cheaper.

The government and its people are drowning in debt with no way to pay for it all.

Everyone is looking for the next president to solve the problems. The truth is – only by taking responsibility for your life can we ever hope to turn things around.

There are a lot of things that are under your control, at least to some extent.

As far as being able to make more money – honestly, I’m still working on that myself. It’s up to each and everyone of us to find a way to support ourselves. I believe that if we were to buy from each other – that would help us all. Have any thoughts?

Insulate your home better. Buy new windows. Do whatever you can to cut your consumption of fuels. Wear sweaters in the winter. You don’t have to keep it tropical indoors in the winter, and you don’t have to keep your house cold enough to house penguins in the summer.

Ditch the gas guzzling vehicles.

Eat real foods instead of packaged foods.

Eat a balanced diet and take vitamins to keep your health, and keep your health care costs down.

Eat organic as much as you can afford to.

Eat meals together as a family as often as possible. It’s proven that kids from families who do this have fewer problems.

Quit spending more than you earn. Work on getting out of debt. Save money. Maybe it’s time to admit that all the spending and all the accumulation of stuff isn’t making you any happier.

Vote with your wallet. If they aren’t making money, they have to change or go out of business. It’s not about sweatshops and saving animals and trees – though everyone likes to hide behind those kinds of issues. It’s about poisonous chemicals in the food you eat, and rising medical costs, and various other issues that continue because people don’t want to change their bad habits.

And when it comes to the president – make sure to do your research. And make sure to get out and vote – even in the primaries.

Remember that the president’s main job is to run the country, not to run your life. You should do that yourself. And if you don’t someone else will – but you won’t like it. And you probably don’t like life the way it is right now too much anyway. Don’t you think it’s time for a change?

NewsTarget is running an article that you should read about some disturbing things the government is up to. I tend to find Mike Adams to be a bit extreme most of the time – but what he alleges is going on is truly upsetting. Read the whole page – A Surveillance Society Works Both Ways >>> (keep reading past the cartoon)

We need to take the blinders off and start taking more control of our lives, and we need to do it quickly – before it’s too late to turn back.

Maybe it’s time to resurrect George Orwells book “1984.” We had to read it when I was in school, many years ago. I never forgot the visions of the main character hiding in a corner in his home where the cameras could not see him. There are many things happening now that make that not so far fetched after all.

Think about it.


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