Lift Your Spirit Today

Two UT Tyler students dancing during toga part...

Two UT Tyler students dancing during toga party in toga costumes (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

OK, it’s cold, still…. Think you can’t find something to do?

Here’s a list of things you can do to lift your spirits today.

Listen to music that makes you want to dance.

Go ahead and dance!

Buy fresh cut flowers.

Watch a funny movie.

Visit friends.

Have an impromptu informal dinner party.

Have a toga party or a luau, or something else silly.

Give yourself a spa treatment –
– Indulge in a skin softening body wash.
– Dry off and apply a good moisturizing lotion.
– Give yourself a facial. Gently wash with scrubbing grains.
– Rinse well. Apply a good moisturizer.
– Wait half an hour and apply self tanning lotion.

Put on your favorite cologne.

Make your favorite dinner. Make the table look special.

Light some great smelling candles.

Call a friend you haven’t talked to in a while.

Look at old pictures.

Repot your house plants. It’ll make you think of gardening,
and spring.

Paint a room.

Read a gardening catalog and start picking out plants you
want to plant this spring.

Plan a vacation.

Clean the storage room. You’ll probably find some good
memories, throw out a bunch of stuff (that’s always
refreshing!), find some stuff to sell at a garage sale
when it gets warm, and be able to find things the
rest of the year!

Buy a car. If you’re getting money back when you file your
taxes, and you need a new car – you can get some really
good deals when the weather is crummy.

Play a game. UNO, Yatzee, Charades, Pictionary, and Gin
Rummy are all fun games.

Go to the library. If you haven’t made use of your public
library in a while, go. You’ll find all kinds of books, movies
and music, all free to use.

Make brunch and have some Mimosa.

Try something new – a new recipe, a new restaurant,
a new cologne…

Go bowling.

Go to a museum.

Learn how to do something new.

See if you can still –

Touch your toes


Do yo-yo tricks

Rub your tummy and pat your head

Take a nap.

Get a haircut.

Make an Ultimate Dream List.

Go to Church.

Take pictures of your family acting silly.

Teach the dog a new trick.

Listen to your old motivational tapes.

Pop in an old exercise tape and see if you can keep up!

Click here to help provide free mammograms, feed the
hungry, provide books for kids, and more – costs you
nothing but a few clicks.

I think you could find a few things here to do!

I’m off to do a few things on that list myself…


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