Become the Master of Your Home

My sister and her baby.

You have so much on your plate to deal with every day. Between trying to keep the house clean, and get dinners on the table, and trying to eat healthier, and making time to spend with your family, and everyone is texting you all the time, and, and, and…

It gets crazy, right?

Managing to get through life with a shred of sanity intact is a challenge.

The solution is to work smarter.

How do the best companies run?

With procedures and processes, right? There are systems for everything to get done as efficiently as possible.

Now apply these strategies to running your home…

There are many common sense ways to manage your home more efficiently – and I’m going to share some great ones that you can start applying to your life easily – starting now!

Clean Kitchen

Love a Clean House!

Life Management Tips From a Single Mom

3 simple habits to improve your days

Keep a clean house with kids underfoot

Clean the Bathroom in 10 minutes or less

3 tips for a kitchen that stays clean


Healthy Eating- Real Food – Real Fast

grilled chicken salad

Keep chicken, lettuce, tomatoes and tortillas make fast dinners












How to always have something for dinner

The Art of Planning Ahead

Fast, Easy, Delicious Recipes on the table in about 30 minutes

Top 5 Habits You Can Start Right Now to Lose Weight Forever


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