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So, here it is – almost midnight. I’m just now eating my salad.

Did I feel like making a salad at this time of night? No. But I flet like eating it, so I forced myself through the grueling 5 minutes it took to make it. And it’s really yummy.

Is it rude to write with your mouth full?

Its green leaf lettuce, broccoli, green onions, homegrown tomatoes, and some left-over chicken with an olive oil vinaigrette. Oh, and black pepper. Gotta have fresh ground black pepper!

The shake-ups at the spa have left me working every night, and weekends. It’s been a little harder than I had expected to work all these nights. The biggest challenge for me is not having dinner-time. And that’s typically when I eat my big salad for the day, with whatever else I’m having.

I’ve tried eating my salad before I go to work. That worked a couple of days, but not today. And since there are colds and flu going around already, I sure don’t want to fall into bad eating habits.

Really, it’s about your priorities. Mine is to stay healthy.

Another priority I had was to get the pumpkins cooked before they went bad. I really wanted to make pumpkin bread, but getting the pumpkin puree into the freezer was a big enough accomplishment. And we demolished the pumpkin seeds.

Oh, and I wanted to get the windows done before the cold weather set in. We had frost the day after I did them.

And this wind thing! Holy cow. We had a freak accident where a mature tree snapped and flew into 2 cars on a main road. A limb actually went through one of the drivers. How weird is that? I hear she is going to be OK.

And I’ve been working on getting the new November recipes up at Rebel With a Fork. I love Thanksgiving dinner!

So, my daughter was talking about some people she knows. She says that they come home from work and they have their list of TV shows to watch. They are too tired to clean the house. They can’t cook because there is no room in the kitchen. Its covered with dirty dishes, and just stuff left everywhere. The kids can’t talked to them during their shows.

I said, “Emma, you have to realized that is the typical American family. We are the odd balls.”

She says, “I’m so used to you. You do everything.”

See, we all have the same 24 hours. No one is granted extra hours. The secrets are planning, and working smart – not hard.

The holiday season is fast approaching. You need to start planning now. Start getting the house clean now. Start planning your menus and guests lists now. Start picking up gifts now.

If you need help with an easy house cleaning system, there’s Secret Confessions of a Clean Freak.

If you need help with fast healthy cooking, there’s Rebel With a Fork.

I’ll be re-releasing the Thanksgiving Planner in a couple of days.

I’ll be giving you as much help as I can in the weeks to come 😉

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