Letting go to live better

I had to step away from the computer this weekend to start to get my life back in balance. Upgrading this site has taken every spare minute for the last couple of months – and my life needed some tending to.

I did things like connect with an old friend and make plans, changed a burned out bulb over the stairs, re-did my door wreath, washed windows, polished the wood furniture, and continued the quest to make room for my daughter’s stuff when she returns home in a couple of weeks.

Making room has become quit the project. I’ve gotten rid of an old TV, the old computer we kept with windows 95 games on ti that got ruined back when the basement was flooding all the time, clothes, papers, bed linens… I probably don’t use half of what is in my house.

We have to let go of things that no longer serve us, or that are upsetting the balance in our lives.

I spent every spare minute working on SaneSuperWomanClub because I was determined to reach my goal. The only problem is, it took away from other areas in my life. There are only 24 hours in the day – for all of us.

Did I accomplish what I wanted to? Well, almost. The site looks pretty good. Its useable. Not perfect, but its come a long way and its OK for the moment.

Now I need to step back and take care of the other areas in my life that need tending to. And maybe the biggest thing I need to tend to is me. I beat the crap out of myself and now I need to heal.

Mothers day is a good time to reflect on the quality of your life. Are you taking the time to take care of you?

Most of us here put ourselves last, and that doesn’t serve anyone.

How can you be there for your friends, your family, your job or business if you are not 100% both physically and emotionally?

Are you eating healthy?


Getting enough sleep?

Getting recreation?

Taking time to relax?

It’s not selfish. It’s being your highest self so that you can be the most productive.

Sometimes we need to give 110% to something for a short time – but we can’t do it forever. You have to make taking care of yourself a top priority to be able to be there for all the things you need to do.

Give yourself a big present this Mother’s Day. Make a personal vow to take care of yourself so that you have the energy and capacity to accomplish all that you need to accomplish.




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  1. Carol Slinker

    Carole – the “revamped” site is awesome. Good work. Now enjoy yourself! Happy Mother’s Day.

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