Let Your Food Be Your Medicine

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The latest heparin scare should be enough to convince you that you really need to start taking care of your health in your kitchen, don’t you agree?


Don’t get me wrong, Heparin is a very important drug. If you need it, you need it. It shouldn’t be manufactured outside the US. All this outsourcing cannot be controlled. It just can’t.


What I’m saying is that it’s a mistake to rely on prescriptions to keep you healthy. I believe you should eat well to stay healthy and avoid prescriptions as long as possible.


Which would you rather spend your money on – good food or prescriptions?


I’m always warning my daughter. It sounds really cool to only get your period a couple times a year, but you have to admit that messing up your body’s natural cycles just doesn’t seem like a smart idea. I keep telling her that in a few years, they will discover serious problems with it – just like the others.


And get this. The Doctor tells her she should then take the cancer vaccine.


Take the cool new drugs, and then take a dangerous drug to hopefully prevent the side effects of the trendy drug.


And to top it off, she’s not sexually active – its to help regulate the hormone fluctuations (so far, thank heaven!) So she should opt to really mess them up instead because that’s cool? 


Don’t just buy what they tell you hook-line-and-sinker. Do your homework. And do your best to take care of yourself so you have less exposure to all of this craziness.


Eat well! It’s so much more enjoyable.