Leave the Skinny Girls Alone Already

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I am sick to death of people picking on the skinny girls. Today Mischa Barton is all over the news for being too skinny. She’s insisted that all she has done is eat healthy and cut more fat out of her diet.

Before her –  Nicci Hilton lost a lot of weight, swearing that all she did was give up pop.

No one believes that you can drop weight just by making these simple changes. While I certainly can’t vouch for the lifestyles these girls live, I don’t know them – I can tell you it is absolutely true that you can lose a lot of weight, and be classified as being too thin just by making some simple healthy changes in your diet.

I even made it a point to search out her blog. I hope she helps encourage more young people to adopt healthier eating habits.

I’m so sick of hearing people tell me they eat healthy, only to find out the truth later on. I’m sick of all the people moaning about their weight and their health, but refusing to make the changes they need to make.

If you don’t want to change, that’s totally up to you, but leave the skinny girls alone already.

And for all the not so skinny people passing judgement – I know what you ate last night.


“Study of Skinny People Reveals the Secrets to Fast & Natural Weight Loss”

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