Leap of Faith Day


the swinging bridge

the swinging bridge (Photo credit: danielle_blue)

So, we have this extra day. What should you do with it?

How about taking a leap of faith and really start working on those goals of yours?

So many people are moaning and complaining, but not taking any action to try to change things. Nothing good is going to happen that way.

Take a leap of faith and commit to something today –

Lose the weight

Get Healthier

Learn a new skill

Change careers

Write a book

Improve you golf swing, or bowling score, or…

Commit to yourself that you will do one little thing everyday to reach that goal – no matter how small it seems.

We have 306 days left of this year. How much will you have accomplished if you took 306 little bitty actions?

Mind boggling, isn’t it?

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2 thoughts on “Leap of Faith Day

  1. Nicole@muranoplace

    This is such an encouraging post! I’m really agreeing on all that you’ve said. Nothing is really possible if you really have the will. 🙂 Thanks for sharing…

  2. Mrs.Batista

    I always look forward to your posts 🙂 . My plans right now for black friday are to sleep in as long as I wish! nothing better than a day where you do not have to do anything and just see where the day leads you.

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