Lazy days, or total summer chaos?

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Some people have settled into the lazy, hazy days of summer, as the old song goes. Others are dealing with the crazy days of summer.

Which are you?

When you have people staying for the weekend, there’s cooking, dishes, lots of extra towels, and extra sheets. Then it all settles down.

There are tons of towels to be washed! Bathing suits, shorts, sheets…

Does life always have to be feast or famine?

I just noticed that school supplies are being stocked in the stores. This would be a really good time to get that done! I’m glad I don’t have to deal with that anymore ­čśë

Its a reminder that we need to enjoy our summer days.

It goes by so fast. Especially since they start school in mid-August, cutting weeks off summer vacation. I still don’t understand that. Doesn’t the day after Labor Day make more sense? Anyway…

How do you enjoy summer days when you still have work and housework taking up all of your time?

The thing that makes our life so much easier are rituals.

  • Put things away, right away.
  • Pick up daily.
  • Keeping the kitchen and bathroom clean every day takes only minutes – and cuts most of your housework. That really leaves dusting, vacuuming, and washing floors. Its really easy to keep up with when you have a system.

I know, rituals and routines sound so boring, but they make your life so much easier. Instead of thinking of it as a routine, think of it as a habit. Once you get in a habit, its easy!

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Make it a point to get out and enjoy each day. We’ll be complaining about cold and Christmas shopping before you know it!


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