Lazy Barbecue

fun swimmingAhhh. Its a long holiday for a lot of people. Lots of swimming, carnivals, fireworks, and of course grilling.

Of course, after spending all that time in the fresh air and sunlight – who feels like putting out a big spread?

Here’s what I do in a pinch…

Throw baked beans in a crock pot. I drain off most of the syrup they come in. I put in barbecue sauce, a little yellow mustard, and brown sugar. Depending on the crowd, I might throw in diced onion.

Corn on the cob.


Veggie tray

Sliced Tomatoes

Fruit tray

And of course, whatever you’re grilling.

That is more than enough food. Relax and enjoy your day!


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1 thought on “Lazy Barbecue

  1. Mary

    Haha I don’t know what I’d do if I went to a party and saw someone crack open a watermelon like an egg! I’ll have to try that one. Also, your baked beans idea is genius – Like 1/10th the time it takes to make them from scratch, but you’re still getting all the great homemade flavors in there. Great idea!!!

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