Killer Tomatoes Back in Hiding

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Wow, over 383 people in 30 states have gotten sick from the latest tomato samonella outbreak – since April.

Why is it that tomatoes weren’t pulled until June? And they’re saying they may never be able to track down the exact cause. How comforting.

Major fast food chains have started putting tomatoes back on their burgers. I had to laugh at the comments posted here- (opens in a new window)

All in all, at this point you can probably feel pretty safe eating tomatoes. Especially if you stick to ‘on the vine’. But for me – I think I’ll stick to farmers markets. There’s lots of beautiful great tasting stuff out there right now. Why buy the inferior grocery stuff anyway?

Next time you’re about to drive past that vegetable stand – pull in. There’s great stuff waiting for you there.

To Great Summer Eating!


.a.k.a. – ‘Mother’