Killer Tomatoes – Again?

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There is yet another salmonella scare. People in 9 states have fallen ill. I don’t think anyone has died – but salmonella is not fun.

Basically, you’ll spend your life for about 7 days, laying on the couch and running to the bathroom You’ll have cramps. You’ll be weak. I mean really weak. Yes, I speak from experience – and it’s not an experience I’d like to repeat.


This new outbreak is tied to raw large tomatoes – including Roma and red round tomatoes – were found to be a common factor in the 40 illnesses. But no farm, distributor or grocery chain has been identified as the main source yet.


It’s fairly easy to avoid these kinds of risks – especially this time of year. You can grow your own, or buy from local farmers.


Not only will they taste 200% better, but they’re healthier, and you support your local economy.


In any event, stay away from the types listed. Roma tomatoes have been in abundance in the grocery store, and cheap – so I imagine a lot of people have them in their house right now.


I was going to buy some yesterday as a matter of fact, but a little voice in my head said, “get your butt over to the farmstand.” So I didn’t buy them. I haven’t made it to the farmstand yet either, but this certainly is another incentive, isn’t it?


Stay Healthy!


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