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I’ve gotten a lot of comments about the fact that I do not buy into all this ADD, ADHD stuff. Well finally, some other people have had enough of the drugging of our kids and are speaking out! I was feeling like a lone squirrel in the forest.

One former school board member in Virginia has caused quite a stir. you can read about it here –

Make sure to scroll through some of the comments.

I heard about it through Mike Adams – NewsTarget – and you can read his scathing report here – Renegade School Board Member Educates Parents On ADHD Alternatives

I’ve seen kids who were labeled. They’re treated worse by teachers. They’re treated worse by the other kids. The drugs make them either despondant or mean.

And I’ve seen kids get better when their diet is fixed and they have a physical outlet for all that kid energy. There was one kid in particular that I thought was going to force me to give up my no drug stance. He really was terrible. Once his diet was fixed, the change was nothing short of miraculous. He turned out to be a really sweet kid – a joy to have around. It was truly amazing. This was a kid who was stealing bicycles, had a mouth on him you wouldn’t believe, and was doing things you wouldn’t post in a publicly read blog.

My dear friend has been through quite a few trials with foster kids. The first one was a nightmare, and still is. OK, it’s because it’s a foster child, right? Wrong! It’s the years of hambuger helper, frozen pizzas, pop, and a diet totally void of any nutrients.

This girl grew up and moved on. My friend adopted another one. At 3 years old, this girl was another terror. I finally convinced her that if she didn’t want a repeat of the first one, she was going to have to start feeding this girl a nutritious diet.

It was a slow road, but the girl is getting her fruits and veggies every day. They still eat too much hamburger helper and frozen pizza, but its far less than it used to be.

The difference is like night and day. At 6 years old, she’s beautiful and smart. She’s into cheerleading and princesses, and dancing. She was just promoted mid year to first grade.

As a side benefit, my friend has lost weight and doesn’t have to shop in the ‘big girl’ stores anymore.

But I can always tell when their diet has been slipping. When Katie is getting more obnoxious and hyper, and won’t listen, and whines, and throws tantrums… its a dead giveaway.

You might not think that it would make that big a difference, even just day to day, but it does.

I mean, even my dog has behavior problems when he isn’t fed right and doesn’t get enough exercise. What does that tell you?

If you suspect ADD or ADHD, try a diet of natural foods, no yellow dye, cut way down on sugar, and cut out pop. Feed them plenty of fruits and vegetables. I’ve read that fish is a very helpful food. I’m not a fish eater, so I can’t attest to this. I know, I should eat it. I never claimed to be perfect 😉

Make sure there is plenty of physical activity to burn off excess kid energy, and that they get enough sleep.

Some cases are linked to food allergies – like peanuts or wheat.

Yes, there are some cases where drug therapy might be needed. but I think it’s about 95% less than what is currently being prescribed. Try diet and exercise changes first and see if that makes a difference.

If you haven’t joined Rebel With a Fork, what are you waiting for? You’ll find everything a normal person needs to know to keep your family healthy.

You’re being manipulated everyday. Big Pharm would love to have you and your kids on drugs for the rest of your lives.  Just use some common sense and you’ll be fine.








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  1. Jerseygirl89

    I think true ADD and true ADHD are very rare. I taught for ten years (eleven if you count my year of teaching preschool) and tutored for another year. I’ve probably taught 300 kids or so. And I’ve had two that I actually believed needed medication. Since I mostly taught in the ghetto, though, I’ve only ever had one kid on medication consistently. What really scares me is all the parents who ask if their toddlers have ADHD. They’re supposed to be like that – they’re toddlers, people!

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