Just slaves

I was writing a post over at the Rebel With a Fork Blog, and it occured to me that people have become slaves.

People are slaves to anyone who will hire them. They have to be at thier employer’s beck and call, take all the crap, shut up and never dissent for fear of losing the only job they can get.

People are slaves to their cell phones – never able to put them down and ignore them because lord knows, someone always needs something right now.

People are slaves to advertising the media, and big business.

You work around the clock. You grab whatever ‘food’ is available without effort, and you plop yourselves in front of the TV to have your minds filled with whatever the powers that be think we should think.

What started this little rant?

I was writing about Mayor Bloomberg’s latest actions on trying to legislate healthier eating. I pointed out that Europe is far more successful in legislating healthier food standards.

Then I said, “But Europe still holds on to antiquated rituals, like family dinners, freshly prepared meals, tea time, and real vacations. Imagine that.  

Can we legislate that? That would be great, wouldn’t it? To live like human beings again?”

What kind of scars do we have from living this workaholic life? Wouldn’t it be nice to live like a civilized human being again?

There has to be something we can do to change things.

Got any ideas?

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3 thoughts on “Just slaves

  1. Beth

    It starts with making a conscious choice to do things differently from other folks. Find mentors who live life the way you would like to. They are out there. Then taking a leap of faith and action to become the you which you want to be follows that. Consistency develops positive habits.

    We are the creator of our own lives. We control what we choose to be and how we want to react to things.

    I take technology breaks when I feel the need. Practice self-care daily. I know what things drain my energy and what things bring me more energy and live my life accordingly. I control my own pace is one of the affirmations that I have been successfully using for several months. It reminds me to stay out of overwhelm.

    There are many free resources online and in the public library sharing wisdom on having a more fulfilling,happy life on your own terms. Do searches based on what you would like to experience for your own self.

    Figure out what your values and passions are, and what your purpose and mission in life is- what lights you up inside. Start living with those in mind and life will be transformed into a precious thing of true beauty.
    Beth´s last blog post ..Seeing Greatness

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