Jumpstart your Spring Cleaning – Task #5- Window and Doorframes

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spring clean window and door frames

We’re moving right along with tackling our spring cleaning.

Next comes the window and door frames.

Yeah, when’s the last time you did that?

Now do the doors.

The most efficient way to do this is go over the frames and the doors with a Swifter or feather duster. Have a bucket with warm water and some Murphy’s Oil Soap. Wring your rag out well and wipe over the window frames, door frames, and doors.

Make sure to get the top of the frame too.

That’s it. Nothing too hard!

Here’s what we’re working on so far –

Task 1 – Pick a room or two and wash the walls. Extra points for washing window treatments

Task 2 – Wash figurines. Extra points for cleaning and polishing the tables and shelves before putting things back.

Task 3 – Clean ceiling fans. Extra points for all light fixtures.

Task 4 – Clean vent covers

Task 5 – Clean door frames, window frames and doors.

It may not feel like it, but if you’ve one all of these tasks, you have accomplished a lot!

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