Jump Start Your Spring Cleaning – Task #4

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OK, we’re moving right along with our spring cleaning.

The furnace has been running for months now Hopefully you’ve been keeping up with changing your filters! If not, do that right now! Not only is it bad for the furnace, it’s spewing dust everywhere!

OK, now on to this week’s task –

Check Vent Covers

Dust and clean the vent covers. I use the feather duster on them regularly. If they need more, try the brush attachment on your vacuum.

Now, take the vent cover off and vacuum inside.

Simple enough, right?

Here’s what we’re working on so far –

Task 1 – Pick a room or two and wash the walls. Extra points for washing window treatments

Task 2 – Wash figurines. Extra points for cleaning and polishing the tables and shelves before putting things back.

Task 3 – Clean ceiling fans. Extra points for all light fixtures.

It may not feel like it, but if you’ve one all of these tasks, you have accomplished a lot!

Stop spending your weekends cleaning!


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4 thoughts on “Jump Start Your Spring Cleaning – Task #4

  1. Nina

    Oh man I’ve been staring up at my ceiling fans and trying to remember to clean those suckers. At least today I got started with shredding some old paperwork I don’t need anymore!

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  4. sugru

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