Jump Start Your Spring Cleaning – Task #2

Spring Cleaning - figurines

So how did you do with wall washing? Get it done?

Me neither. The sun was out Saturday and I felt obligated to get outdoors. We don’t get much sun this time of year!

So… what is the next task?

Washing figurines. At least the ones that can be washed. Always test a small spot before dunking. I learned that the hard way! If the figure can’t be washed, try a feather duster, a soft toothbrush, or a cotton swap  to remove dust in the crevices

Tip – Always make sure the figures are completely dry before putting back on a wood surface. Be especially careful of the ones that have a hole in the bottom. It can take a while for the water to dry out completely.

Oh, and if you are a Marie Kondo fan… if you no longer love it – put it in a box for either a garage sale or charity!

Wipe picture frames and clean the glass.

And while the surface is fairly empty, clean and polish real well.

Now take the books and movies off shelves and clean under there too.

If you don’t have much time available, just do a shelf or two a day.

What should our goal be? Finish spring cleaning by…  What do you think?

How to have a beautifully clean house in under 30 minutes a day…

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