The new couch proves it – I’ve gotten so weak!

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New couchMy daughter and the dog have been gone a year.

Now, I’ve still been cleaning with my sister a few hours a week and doing yard work. But the beach didn’t need as much cleaning this year, and I haven’t been up and down the hill 5 or 6 times and walking a mile or two a day. I’m not lugging as much laundry or groceries.

I was shocked at how weak I’ve gotten!

I got a couch from a really sweet woman that I clean for. I had been looking for a couch for a long time. I couldn’t find something that I liked – and could afford. I saw this couch sitting in her garage. It’s practically brand new, and it works in my house perfectly! The cat approves too.

So, I went with a friend to go pick it up on Saturday.

Getting it into the truck was a breeze.

When we got here and had to get the couch down the stairs and into the house – I could barely do it. It’s not a sleeper, and it isn’t that heavy. I hate asking for help in the first place, and now I couldn’t even manage my end. I was horrified.

I am going to have to get serious about working out! My resistance band is hanging right next to the desk. I think it’s time to start using them!

I don’t like walking outdoors once it gets cool – but I can dance more, and I have the Pace Express program that I should use.

Your body is truly use it or lose it – Yikes! I’ve gotten my wake-up call.

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