Its winter in the blink of an eye

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What a bizarre 24 hours it’s been.

When I got up yesterday morning, the sun was shining – even though it wasn’t supposed to be. I was thankful for that. But before I could get dressed and get the dog out, it had clouded over already.

Soon it started raining. But it was still warm. It got up to about 70.

All day the radio voices talked about how it would be cold by rush hour. I took hyper dog on the 2-mile trek around 6:30 and it was still pretty nice out, and not raining. I was thankful for that too! Once last nice walk before….

Yep, they are calling for snow tonight. Can you believe it? We’ve already seen some snowflakes…

I might have the storm windows ready, and the gardens cleaned, but I’m not ready for winter mentally.

When I got back in, the phone was ringing. The caller ID said Prank Call. Seriously!

I’m trying to figure out how to cope with the idea of winter. Last winter was so horrible that everyone is suffering a sort of post-traumatic disorder.

One good thing – tis the season for cooking! So many good foods we haven’t had for quite a while now. Chili, stew, roast, and of course the upcoming turkey extravaganza!

Did you pick up your Thanksgiving Planner yet? It’s up over to the right. If you’re already subscribed, just use the same name and email and you won’t be re-subscribed.

Wait until you see your Christmas gift this year!





Oh, another strange thing happened – you know I’ve been cleaning to prep for closing the house up. I had a bottle of the Shaklee ‘natural’ cleaner on the counter. I’ve been visited by those little sugar ants lately. They were really annoying me, so I picked up the bottle and I just sprayed one spray, and it killed those ants instantly. No squirming. Dead. Pronto. Is this stuff really safe? Gotta wonder…

And why are my posts suddenly coming out in bold print? I can’t figure it out for the life of me. Anyone know why?