It’s not your imagination – the Government is anti-health

I just finished listening to a webinar that I’m passing on to you.

I knew some of this stuff, but even I was horrified by some of the information. It goes far deeper than we realize.

Just follow this link  – Things you need to know –

Your life may depend on it.


8 thoughts on “It’s not your imagination – the Government is anti-health

  1. Carole Post author

    hmmm. I’m a little confused. Did you guys actually watch the video?

    What do you think about Doctors in Germany not being able to talk about nutrition and healing?

    What do you think about the depopulation conspiracy talk that’s going around lately?

    What about the GMO actions that have been taking place in countries around the world? Why hasn’t there been an uprising in the US?

    Do you think there could be a plot to kill off much of the population so that only the elite will survive?

    Even if it isn’t true – does any of what’s going on with our food supply and the availability of supplements concern you?

    Do you ever wonder why obesity and disease have skyrocketed? Why you can’t lose weight? Why practically everyone you know is on some type of medication?

    Let’s have a meaningful discussion here…

  2. Brice

    I’ve been reading the infroamtion on your site for quite some time now, just wanted to do a quick post and say thank you for all of the useful information you have been providing your readers all this time.

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