It finally got me

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It got me

Last week was a big case of bad timing.

On Monday, a friend asked if I wanted to go for a walk, and that I should meet her at her car. She wanted to check out some trail she heard about.

When I got in the car, I felt oddly uncomfortable. I tried to look out the window as much as possible. I even thought, maybe I should open the window – even though it was still pretty chilly. Should have listened to that still small voice…

On Tuesday, the same friend invited me over for dinner. I was there a couple of hours.

On Wednesday, I went and got my 2nd booster.

Thursday morning, my friend calls and says a friend of hers has covid. My friend didn’t have any symptoms, so I thought nothing of it.

Later that day, I noticed that my cough felt different. By bedtime I had a sore throat.

The next day I was so weak. Sore throat still, and chest congestion. Now, there is a flu going around too, so I thought maybe I caught that.

Friday morning I still felt bad. I decided to do an at home covid test. It was negative. But still not feeling very well, I laid low.

Sunday was Mother’s day. I still was not feeling well. I did another test that also came back negative. Still, I told the kids not to come.

At this point I’m thinking it must be the booster shot side effects.

By Tuesday, still not feeling any better, I call the Dr. He says it sounds like I have covid. I argue that I had 2 negative tests. He wants me to go in for a test and chest ex ray.

Yep. I have covid.

And you’re not supposed to get the booster if you have covid. It makes it worse. But I didn’t know I had it.

Goes to show you – you just never know.

And I was surprised at how lax things were at the hospital. I expected to be ushered into a separate room. No, go sit in the waiting room.

And, I only have to isolate for 10 days from the time symptoms appeared. So I’m supposedly clear Sunday. I’m not comfortable with that. Especially when the Dr. tells me to expect it to take another week or two before I feel better. That all makes no sense to me.

And now I can add allergies into the mix.  Ugh!

I guess the most distressing thing is that no matter how careful you are, most likely you will get it eventually.

I had groceries delivered from Walmart today. That was actually kind of nice to not have to shop and then lug everything in. With delivery and tip, its too pricey to do all the time though.

All of this leaves me at a loss. I wish I had some good advice. Here’s the best I can offer –

Get vaccinated. While it won’t keep you from getting covid, it will keep you from ending up in the hospital in most cases.

Keep your home well stocked in case you do get sick and can’t go out.

And I still don’t understand how people don’t bathe for days. I get to day 3 and I’m like no, no, no. Can’t stand it!

Anyway, that’s my story.

Be as careful as you can while still living life. I know we’re still figuring it all out.



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