Is Your Email Too Secure?

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  The  Identity theft scare is a real concern.

You might want to protect your email box from tons of advertisements and phishing scams.

Protecting your email address is a wise move – to an extent. You can be hurting yourself when you overdo it. 

You might be doing some online shopping. That’s great. There’s just one problem.

Many times I have people who have a problem and need assistance. Often, I respond within minutes. Problem is – their email box is locked up tighter than Fort Knox, and I can’t get a response through to them. I’ve thought about asking for phone numbers at the time of order, but I’m figuring that the same people probably wouldn’t want to give me their phone number either.

Believe me I know how annoying spam is. I have to let all emails come through so my customer’s email don’t get caught up in the filters. I set up automatic message rules to delete many spam emails automatically rather than let my ISP decide what email I should receive.

I have had people accusing me of not answering their emails. I have others that had a problem last night. I’ve sent 2 emails, and no answer. My hands are tied. If I can’t get an email through to you, I cannot solve your problem.

So, if you’re going to be shopping online, you have to make sure that the merchants can get emails through to you.

If it appears that you have not gotten an answer from a merchant, check your junk folders. That’s not always the answer either. Some ISPs will decide that an email is spam and delete it and you’ll never even know. There are hundreds of things that set off the spam alerts. Words like diet, or weight loss, or free, or the mention of money, or if an email has any html are some of the most common triggers. If your friend sends you and email telling your about the new diet she is starting, and tells you about a great ‘buy one get one free’ sale in the same email, chances are – it won’t get through.

Your best solutions are to either lower your security settings, or whitelist the merchants that you do business with.

I know how frustrating it is to feel that you’re not getting service. Believe me, it’s just as frustrating for those of us trying desperately to give you service.



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