Is Your Diet Giving You A.D.D.?

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You may have heard a diagnoses for A.D.D., A.D.H.D., bi-polar disorder, diabetes as being caused by a chemical imbalance. What’s the answer? Bring it back into balance with a pill, right?

No one seems to question it. Everyone just seems to think that this ‘chemical imbalance’ just happens, through no fault of their own. And logically, a pill should restore the balance, right? It’s just common sense. Or is it?

Now, kindly Doctor could just tell you that ‘chemical imbalance’ really means nutrient deficiency, or to put it more bluntly – your diet is killing you. He could tell you to go home and fix the problem.

Except for two things.

You probably won’t, and if you did, he wouldn’t make any money. Do healthy people go to the doctor? Not usually. Do they take expensive prescription meds? Of course not. But since he knows it’s a pretty safe bet that you wouldn’t follow the advice anyway – it’s just as easy for both of you to just prescribe the pill. You have an easy excuse, and he makes money from both your visits, and from drug company kick backs.

Everyone is making all sorts of noise about “Big Pharma” and the FDA. But you know what? They’re just giving you what you want. “Fix my problem with an easy pill, and don’t make me change anything. I’m perfectly happy eating lab food that tastes like greasy cardboard as long as I don’t have to go to any effort. So keep those pills coming.”

Remember, Only You Can Prevent Healthcare Abuse.

Fix your diet and you’ll help fix the system.

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