Is This Guru Stealing From You?


OK, this isn’t the first time I’m writing about this subject.


Guaranteed Income for them, means a messed up bank account for you.

What am I talking about?


All of these big ebook giveaways that are so popular now. They give you all of this awesome stuff for $1, or $4.95, or $7…And why are these guys giving away so much stuff? To hook you into the recurring monthly billing. That’s right – they all have a little sentence at the end that says you will receive their newest product for a discounted price per month. And they charge you the pittance so they get your credit card info.


But they pile on so much stuff, if you’re like me – you figure you’ll just cancel before you get billed. If you’re like me, you miss it every time.


The really sad thing is, there hasn’t been one that I’ve wanted to stay with.  Especially at $27, $29, $47 a month. Plus, it will take me months to read all the stuff they gave me in the first place.


And I’ll tell you what – when a couple thousand people forget to cancel in time – that’s a pretty good payday, don’t you think? They count on that.


And what about when you can’t cancel?


There is one program in particular that is stealing from people, and so far there’s been no way to stop him.


Nick Marks makes a compelling offer with his Rapid Business Growth Program. For $7.95, you get a DV that’s supposed to help you catapult your business. Yeah, right. And of course, you are subscribed to receive a monthly package – and they have your credit card number. They don’t use paypal –and you’ll discover why in just a minute.


Of course, I forgot to cancel until I received an email billing notice. I immediately sent an email to the address listed since there was no cancel link in the email, and no way to cancel at the site.


The email bounced.


I called the phone number listed on my bank statement. It went to India. I explained that I wanted to cancel the service. At this point I was even willing to pay the monthly fee since it was my fault that I missed the cancel date. (except that there was no way to cancel.) Oh yes, it is cancelled right now. We will send a confirmation.

Never got it.


Sure enough, April bank statement comes, and they’ve charged me again. I’m back on the phone to India. Now I want this cancelled NOW, and all of the money refunded. “Oh yes, yes, yes.” We’ll send you a confirmation. Right. I never got the confirmation.


I go to the website and look in vain for a way to cancel online. I can change my account info – so I go and dummy the security code.


The next thing I get is an email saying that my billing didn’t go through and if I wanted to continue I have to go re-enter new billing info. WHAT??? I sent an email to Mr. Nick Marks again. It didn’t bounce, but no reply of course.


No billing in May. I figure I’ve at least stopped the bleeding and the money is an expensive lesson.


I am now leery of buying from anyone who doesn’t use paypal. Paypal would never let this happen, and he’d be out of business.


I rarely sign up for anything that has a recurring monthly billing attached – and only from people I know are reputable.


But it isn’t over yet –


I open my July bank statement, and there’s this charge from a company called EZ INC. And there’s another charge from them for $1.44 – International Service Fee. I call the number on the statement… sure enough – It’s Nick Marks! Or should I say, his call center in India. When I told them why I was calling, they hung up on me.


So, he’s moved his operation oversees.


You see, they count on the fact that most people don’t read their bank statements.


I finally called my bank. They will file an investigation – but the only way to stop him is to cancel my card. It takes 7-10 business days to get a new card. I live on that card. A lot of automatic payments are tied to that card. I sure need it today, so I hold off on that. I won’t get home from work until 10 tonight, and I have to be back in the morning. I don’t have time to deal with this right now.


I called India and talked to Tom. OK, I yelled at Tom. Oh yes, it is cancelled right now. But I want a refund. The account is cancelled. No, I’m serious, I want a refund. I want to talk to Nick Marks.


Oh, we don’t have access to Nick Marks. How convenient. He’s Slime! Yes, with a capital S.


I figure that he must have gone into the old records and retrieved the correct security code. He seems to be untouchable.


I explained that my bank is doing an investigation and what they are doing is illegal. Yes ma’m, whatever you want to do. I have put in a request for a refund. You’ll get a confirmation… yeah right.


I’m pretty much fed up with all Internet Marketers, but this guy will really bring down the house of cards.


And the next time I get an email saying, “My good friend Nick Marks” It’s an automatic unsubscribe. You should choose your friends more wisely. He’s gonna bring you all down.


Don’t mess with Mother!

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  1. Mother

    Just got an email from Justin Blake touting his “good friend” Nick Marks, Internet Marketer of the Year.

    Now you know how he makes his money.

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