Is This Child Abuse?

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There’s a news story from the UK getting a lot of attention this morning –

The couple was accused of child abuse and their children taken away because their youngest son had numerous small fractures in his leg. At the time they said that could have only been caused by abuse.

It was later determined that the fractures were caused by a rare case of scurvy. In other words, severe vitamin C deficiency. With bones that fragile at such a young age, I’m betting there’s a calcium deficiency too.

You can plainly see by their pictures that this family does not eat healthy.

So, while they were not guilty of beating the child, don’t you think that not giving your kids proper nutrition is also child abuse?

These kids that don’t get proper nutrition are looking at a life filled with health problems, not to mention probably ADD and behavior probelsm, and self confidence issues. Isn’t that abuse? Or would you prefer the softer word – neglect?

I do think they should be cleared of any charges of violence. But what should they do about the real issue?

Do you give the kids back without further comment?

Do you require nutrition counseling with strict follow-ups like you would in a drug abuse case?

Do you put the kids into a system where their chances might not be much better?

What do you think?


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