Is there no way to avoid food horrors?

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I’ve made a great attempt to keep us healthy by eating what seemed to be a reasonable healthy diet. I never thought that a few foods with corn syrup – like jelly, would have much impact if the bulk of our diet was healthy.

I was sent a link to a distrubing article today that has me wondering if this is a war we can win. It seems that Genetically Modified (GM) foods are more prevalent than we ever would have imagined. I am absolutely horrified, and when you get to the link for the GM foods listing – I guarantee you will be too.

My daughter said, “you mean everyone is slowly poisoning themselves?”

I said, “No, we’re being poisoned.”

How could we ever remove all of these foods from our diet? And to find that organic is not 100% the answer either. And to think that the FDA actually issued a warning in 1991, but nothing was ever done.

Here’s where you can read the article >>>

Here’s where you can see the GM Foods Shopping List –

I am happy that I’ve collected so many recipes that do not contain packaged ingredients. You can find my collections at Cooking with a Thin Attitude, or Rebel With a Fork. Even so, any of the recipes that contain mayo, or salad dressing, or bbq sauce may need to be redone. I used to think that the little bit we had in our diet wouldn’t hurt us, but now I see that once these toxins are in our system, they don’t go away. I can’t even fathom what that could mean to us and our families.

If you are a upset as I am – you may want to sign the petition >>>

I will keep working on finding was that we can keep ourselves, and our families healthy. In the meantime – eat freshly prepared food as much as possible. I know that making our own mayo or jelly, or even baking our own cookies seems a bit overwhelming when we’re so busy – but I guess better that than dead…

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