Is somebody watching you?

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English: A Trust 120 SpaceCam webcam Italiano:...

English: A Trust 120 SpaceCam webcam Italiano: Una webcam (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This article was in my inbox this morning. We really have to think about all the things we have always connected.

Call me paranoid if you want, but I disconnect my router and modem every night. My camera is not built in, so it is unplugged unless I’m using it.

Its amazing the things hackers can do…

Is Your Webcam Spying on You?
Hackers can use your computer’s webcam to secretly watch what you are doing.They can manipulate Web sites so that you actually give the hacker permission to use your webcam. The hacker places an invisible permission prompt over a video’s “Play” button or another area usually clicked so that a user unknowingly gives the hackers permission to start taking pictures through the webcam.

Self-defense: Update your webcam to get the latest security patches…scan regularly for malware…always use a firewall…watch your webcam’s external light if it has one—it should come on only when you are using the webcam.

Low-tech solution: Tape a piece of paper over the webcam (or just a piece of masking tape on a laptop cam) when you are not using it.

Hopefully your webcam is safe and secure. Even if it is, here are six ways that Facebook could be compromising your privacy.

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