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I’m passing on a message from a fellow reader –

Hi Carole,

Just wanted you to know how much I enjoyed your “Contemplations” this week. As a student of “Whole Life Overhaul” and the power of positive thinking in general, I want to add a wish that my fellow readers take what you have to say to heart. The most powerful tool ever created is the mind. And, as you say, we can accomplish amazing things just by using that power.

Right now, as you know, I’m involved in the battle of my life against an opponent called cancer. The lessons I learned in “Whole Life Overhaul” are serving me well. Years ago, given this diagnosis, I would have rolled over and let it have its way. Today, it’s going to have to fight hard to defeat me. The difference is that today I know I have a choice. I can look upon this disease as the sure victor or I can acknowledge the power I’ve been given ~ to control how I live my life. I choose not to live it in the shadow of cancer but, instead, in the rays of sunshine called hope. I don’t sit around crying about my diagnosis, I try to learn something positive from the experiences this disease has brought to me. Then, I use that to make myself stronger.  We can all do that, no matter what our personal opponent is.

What you say is important . . . Positive thinking CAN change your life.

Blessings . . .

Linda Offenheiser


For those of you who don’t know Linda, she is an incredible
lady – as I’m sure you can tell by her message.

There is also power in collective positive thinking –
so let’s all keep Linda in our thoughts and prayers.

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Have a great day.


a.k.a. ‘Mother’

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  1. Vern

    I try to be consistent with working with others. Often people in today’s society tend to get stressed easily with others over the smallest of things, stop and ask your self is it really worth IT? Bringing in a warm and happy presence to those that are troubled or bothered. When you walk into a room and sense something is wrong with a friend or family, don’t just ask are things OK. That really has no meaning, Try and make a point to realize that there may be something that you really could do to help make a quality difference. Have a great day.
    Thanks Carole that was a nice thought. V.H.

  2. sugru

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