Important Health Alert!

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You know that I’ve been writing a little bit about the FDA’s
actions targeting vitamins, and nutrition information. Well,
it’s become a full blown controversy.

You see, the first dangerous part of all of this is calling
anything used to improve health a drug, and subject to regulation.
I would not be able to tell you that a banana has potassium and
what pottassium is good for under this wording. Stupid.

But the bigger issue is that this could wipe out the availability
of alternative medicine in this country.

The medical industries – especially Big Pharma – don’t want you to
know that you don’t have to take the drugs that they are selling
that will keep you paying for the rest of your life rather than
cure you. Bad for their business you know…

Yes, there are quacks out there. Navigating alternative medicine
is definetely buyer beware. But if you have cancer, you don’t
have years to wait for the FDA to maybe approve a treatment –
even though it’s used in other countries successfully. And if
the allegations are true – these alternatives will never see the
light of day unless big pharma can somehow control it.

I’m going to send you to a site where a better expert than me
has been writing extensively on the subject.

But then I’m going to ask you to take action. Another source of
mine says that the comment period is indeed open until May 29.

I’m going to ask you to take an hour and read up and comment.
This is very, very important.

If you want to be able to get information on how simple changes
to your diet can improve your health – you need to speak up –
loudly. Under this law, it would be technically illegal to
write about anything health related unless the FDA has approved
it. I think that’s pretty scary.

Far fetched? Remember the movie “Tucker”? That was a true story.

So first – Visit

Second – go here and file your comments – Before Tuesday –

You might have to copy and paste that url into your browser,
it’s really long!

Thanks for reading, and taking action to help protect our
health freedom.


a.k.a. ‘Mother’