Import Alert Issued on Chinese Food Products

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It seems that the Chinese food problems are far from being solved. The F.D.A has issued an “import alert” on all food products imported from China that contain protein.

The FDA said it would test “a range of protein-containing products beyond just dairy and dairy-containing products” for contamination and would “take appropriate regulatory action” if needed.

The import alert covers a range of products including beverages, candy, baby food and pet foods.

The problem for you and me is that we don’t know the country of origin when we buy any sort of packaged foods. It’s an issue that I’ve written about before.

If you look in your cabinet right now, you’ll see statements like “distributed by…” But that doesn’t tell you anything about where it’s made. And even if it’s made here, where did the ingredients come from? Who knows?

Even I still use some canned products. The chili we just had contained canned tomatoes, canned tomato paste, and canned kidney beans. Between the can liners leaching chemicals into our food, the corn syrup, added chemicals, and now poisons, it makes me really uncomfortable to use anything packaged at all.

Most of the time we don’t. We eat mostly grilled or sautéed meats, and fresh fruits and vegetables. 

Best I can tell you is don’t buy any food at the dollar store. Period.

A friend of mine – Mary’s husband actually, works in the food manufacturing industry. He said he won’t touch any commercial bakery at all. He also said that if you’re using canned goods, stick with Del Monte- they have high standards.

If you haven’t kicked the packaged food habit yet, I really encourage you to pick up High Energy Eating, or at a minimum, get my cookbook and see how easy it is to make fresh foods. They taste so much better, and they’re so much better for you.

Please take care of yourselves, and your families –