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As a matter of fact, its because of you that I’ve been so embroiled in this project. Yep, I heard you loud and clear.

For years I’ve been trying to get you all to eat healthy. I’ve written all kinds of articles, given you recipes, and nagged you to death. But every time I put up an article about losing weight… those everyone flocks to. OK, I get the message. All you want is to be skinny.

Your wish has been granted.

Today, I’m introducing the Skinny Living Handbook.

Do you want an energetic, thin, fit, body ?

Do you want to run circles around everyone you know?
Do you have a few pounds you need to drop?
I know, you’ve tried all of the “fad” diets. They all work for a while – then you gain it all back and more. Stinks, doesn’t it?
Do you have one of those skinny friends, you know – the kind that eats, and eats, and eats, and never
gains an ounce? I’ll bet you think she’s born that way.  Listen up –
Thin people really do eat differently. They never diet – Find out why –
See You on the Skinny Side,
fast safe way to lose weight
P.S.  Kindle version will be available early next week. Of course, you can’t get all the bonuses with the kindle version  😉
I’ll write more about the kindle experience next week. For now – I need sleep. It’s been a rough learning experience!