If You Don’t Have Insurance


Did you know that the major Pharmaceutical companies have banded together in a group called the Partnership for Prescription Assistance. If you do not have prescription drug coverage at all – no medicare or medicaid, nothing – you can get the TogetherRX Access card that will give you an automatic 25%-40% savings on your prescriptions.

I haven’t found a catch. Of course, I don’t need any prescriptions, so I haven’t been able to actually try using the card. You can get the card easily at http://TogetherRxAccess.com

They also provide listings to public and private medical assistance programs and free health clinics at http://trxaccess.pparx.org

Of course, eating healthy so you don’t need drugs is your best defense 😉

Are you a High Energy Eater Yet?

2 thoughts on “If You Don’t Have Insurance

  1. Judy

    We couldn’t afford to pay for my insurance as of Dec. 2008 and with what med’s I take I either can’t insurance, or its considered pre-existing

    My med’s cost me Almost $200 a month now.
    We live on my husbands SSI, yet I don’t qualify for SSi Disability.

    Any help would be wonderfully appreciated.

  2. Sure Fit Inc.

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