If This House Could Talk

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Coming home everyday has been an adventure lately. They’ve started taking the siding off the house, to reveal – a 100 yr. old house underneath. I’m not sure exactly what I was expecting, but I sure didn’t think that you just threw siding up over the old wooden house and the peeling paint. Learn something new everyday, right?

 As I look at the patched up openings, and the different sidings, I wonder what this house was like back when Capone was hanging here.


Look at this! They just threw a piece of plywood over the opening where the old porch was and sided right over it!

You should see lakeside! It was already getting dark when I got home tonight and the mosquitos were horrendous, so I couldn’t get a picture. Tomorrow, the house will be wrapped in tyvex, so we will never see the original house again.

I just found it fascinating and thought I would share.