If Humans Would Stop Messing With It

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English: Depiction of the food web associated ...

English: Depiction of the food web associated with freshwater wetlands (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

There is an ultimate balance in nature. I get to see
a bit more of it than many of you.

For example – last week, a goose actually got stuck
on the ice on the lake in front of my house. There
was no way to get out to it. Of course, it died.

Next came the vultures. It was kind of like watching
the Discovery Channel outside my window. But they don’t
show you the pieces left laying all over my yard, and
the splatters left on my house – and especially on my
window right in front of my computer – that the birds
drop. I won’t get too graphic here…

Now, I can hang out the window and try to clean it, or
get out an extension ladder, or just wait for the rain
later today. Nature will take care of it.

Overnight, somehow what remains of the goose ended up in
my yard. Judging by the odd missing pieces, I have to
assume that the coyotes have been here. Coyotes don’t
necessarily kill for food. They kill for the fun of it.
So, they’ve been entertained too.

I can go out there and clean up the rest, or I can let
nature continue to take it’s course. Soon, there will
be no evidence that anything happened. Nature will
take care of it.

So why am I telling you all of this?

Nature also takes care of things when it comes to your
body. It is a fine tuned machine – when you treat it right.
It breaks down fuels and distributes them. It heals itself.
It provides energy. It’s really amazing.

All you have to do is give it the right stuff – and nature
takes care of it. Unfortunately – people give their bodies
all this fake unnatural stuff – and then the body has to
struggle to figure out what to do with it. This unnatural
gunk clogs up the works, and things start to break down.
It can no longer regulate weight, heartbeat, blood flow,
and all the other million functions it needs to handle.

All you have to do is eat a natural balanced diet, and get
a little exercise. Nature will take care of it from there.

But instead, people choose to try more unnatural solutions –
weight loss pills, weird diets, tons of prescription drugs –
and they end up with even more problems than before.

Instead of all this stress and struggle, why not just let
nature take care of it? Start by banning fake foods in your
house. Eat natural foods as much as possible.

Its the first step in reclaiming your healthy body.

Until next time – be healthy!


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